Palouse Photo Tour 2016…

Whitman Granery Septoe butteSummer in the beautiful Palouse country…. phenomenal color and texture opportunities! Waves of green and gold unfold creating an unforgettable landscape. I just returned from working with a great group of photographers in Palouse area with co-leader Wayne Bennett who has extensive knowledge of this location. We were able to guide our guests to the best locations for exquisite photography of the Palouse region and all it has to offer. There are lots of old weathered barns, farmhouses, and interesting locations such as the Union Town Dahmen Barn and wheel fence. In these places, we explored shooting in infrared, HDR, long exposure, multiple exposures and more. One of my favorite photos is a straight shot of the gorgeous hilly landscape from Steptoe Butte. I’ll include a few photos that I hope you will enjoy. Special thanks for Bob Cournoyer for taking the photo below of me in the canola fields!

Palouse square
Also, there are a few openings available for this year 2016 Eastern European Capital tour in September, and fascinating Cuba in December. As your guest pro, I’m working with M&M Photo Tours to arrange the very best travel and photography experience. Please contact me as soon as possible to share the adventure of travel, photography, creativity and fun!

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