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Recently, I was asked a question by Ugo Cei from the Traveling Image Makers that was positioned to expert travel photographers… “What is the greatest challenge you have to face as a travel photographer and how do you overcome it?”  This question has a variety of answers from travel photographers around the world. Each response is unique, and you’ll find a lot of ideas and insight into the world of travel photography. You can read “Expert Roundup – Travel Photography Challenges” here…

Deborah Sandidge:“The real challenge is to photograph a location showing my work as unique, memorable, and a little different than what’s been done before. I solve this by researching the location in advance, pre-visualizing creative concepts, and by using multiple shooting techniques. For me, the goal is to create the best visual narrative possible. When I find myself having fun with an idea, I know I’ve met the challenge.”

You can also listen to my interview with Ugo Cei here… TTIM 18 – Being Creative with Deborah Sandidge.

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