Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays! It’s hard to believe 2016 is coming to a close, I am grateful for a most wonderful year! I’ve been working on various magazine articles, and speaking engagements, and presentations throughout the year including NECCC in Amherst, Massachusetts for their annual event. Currently my article “The Essence Of the Image” is available in newsstands in Shutterbug Magazine. This article covers “It’s not what you see, but what you feel that makes for better pictures.” I hope you enjoy it. Why you are moved to take a picture, and what you feel is important… it shows in your work.  Look for the January 2017 issue.

I just returned from several weeks in beautiful Cuba traveling from Havana, to Vinales, Cienfuegos and Trinidad, my third trip to this amazing country. This year was a little different with the country in nine days of mourning, however the Cuban people are always so wonderful to be around and the architecture and old cars continue to amaze me! I was in Revolution Square for the memorial service where many Cubans were paying their last last respects. I also stayed in a family home, and was treated as part of the family, a beautiful experience!

Earlier I spent a few days in San Francisco, one of my very favorite cities on the planet! I was able to catch up with old friends and we had a wonderful time once again in such an amazing city! Our jet flew into San Francisco from Osaka, where we spent several weeks in the phenomenal cities of Japan. I look forward to sharing the photos with you, we had fantastic fall color especially in the higher elevations. Part of my travel this year was scheduled as the Photography Pro for M&M Photo Tours, we had quite the adventures! September was spent in beautiful and historic Europe, three weeks in my favorite cities from Berlin to Moscow. To top off the trip, it rained in Red Square providing stunning blue hour clouds to frame St. Basil’s Cathedral, one of the most picturesque places in the world! Earlier this year Italy was one of the destinations where I ended up spending my birthday! I also spent time in Boulder and Dallas in spring and summer, I can’t wait to back. The colorful holiday photo above was photographed in Texas.

Last summer I teamed with with long time friend and photographer Wayne Bennett. We headed out to the extraordinary Palouse of Washington State, which we plan to do again for both June and August 2017! June is almost full, two openings left, please join us if you would like to photograph the gorgeous countryside of Washington State. This location is perfect for all kinds of photography, infrared, long exposure, multiple exposures, vast landscapes, and finding exquisite detail shots. Shoot me a message.  In April I will be once again teaching at Florida’s Birding and Photo Fest! I’ll give several inspirational and educational presentations, and workshops, please sign up quickly as registrations is limited, and a discount is offered for early bird registration!  http://www.floridasbirdingandphotofest.com  

Have a wonderful holiday, and fantastic 2017!



  1. Bob Yelle on December 26, 2016 at 3:48 pm

    I have followed you throughout 2016, reading about how and what you photograph and have come to the conclusion that you have great talent for photography. I will continue to follow you during the upcoming years. Best regards, Deb.

    • Bob Yelle on December 27, 2016 at 10:43 am


      I wish you health and happiness throughout the New Year! I also want to tell you that you are my go-to Professional Photographer and follow you religiously. And that’s not BS (LOL). Best regards,

      Bob Yelle

      • Deborah Sandidge on February 2, 2017 at 10:34 pm

        Bob, I wish you the very best for 2017! I am honored you follow me, thank you!! I look forward to seeing your photography and creativity this year!

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