Spring! Perfect for shooting infrared…


Infrared photography is a wonderful way to broaden your photographic horizons and expand your creativity! Nothing can quite compare with the surreal factor of bright white foliage, a dark sky, and how beautifully infrared light is reflected and absorbed by different surfaces. Infrared photography can give you a new outlet for artistic expression by allowing you to shoot traditional subjects in novel and interesting ways. A color photograph converted to black and white is quite different from a traditional black and white infrared image.

Infrared light reflects off various surfaces in different and unexpected ways – plants will look bright white, whereas the sky and bodies of water may appear dark. With practice, it becomes second nature to understand the effect that infrared light has on a subject… it becomes a way of seeing and telling a story in an artistically unique, beautiful, and magical way.

When you use an infrared converted camera, or infrared filter with your camera, it becomes capable of recording infrared light. The camera captures this invisible light, transforming ordinary landscapes into something magical.

An infrared filter allows infrared light to reach the camera sensor, and blocks most visible and UV light. The camera can now record infrared light, capturing a new world of creativity. When color is removed, some of the reality is removed, creating pictures that are dreamlike and artistic. From a photographic perspective, the world becomes captivating in an entirely new way!

The effect of infrared is captivatingly beautiful and surreal. Infrared photography enables me to connect to the world of invisible light in an imaginative way. I can create a visual narrative to captivate the viewer and draw them into the scene. For example, this shot from a quirky, fun place called “Carhenge” was the perfect subject to capture in infrared. The dark sky provides the ideal backdrop for dramatic clouds, and allows for the impossibly stacked cars to stand out on top of white foliage. Capturing the world in infrared provides a fascinating opportunity for artistic, one of a kind imagery.  Life Pixel Infrared Camera Conversion -deborahsandidge50 (Priority Processing).  Have a wonderful day!

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